I Drank the Wine

I used to drink wine, a lot, it was part of my daily routine. Like the morning coffee to get started, I drank wine to come back down again in the evenings. Recently, I noticed that it was taking a toll on my brain and my body, so I decided to stop for a while. And you know what, I like it, I like the fresh mornings, the extra hours in a day to create, the sharpness of your mind even in the evenings. The weight I am losing and the way I look, I kid you not, I look five years younger and my skin is glowing. I am not saying I will never drink again, but I will alter my relationship with Miss Chablis and Mister Merlot, a lovely couple who overstayed their visit. So now I have quit smoking, Xtc, Cocaine and drinking. Fucking hell, I am turning into one of those people I hated in my twenties. And I love it.