Too Much Perfection Is A Mistake.


As we believe that we are living in a world where perfection is more important than humanity, We feel obliged to write this post. All the time we see people being happy, successful on Instagram and Facebook. We almost never see the downside. And we all know that they are there.

Well, here from Studio Mick + Wout we have a downside story for you. Mick had a serious meltdown a few days ago because he couldn’t deal with all the back sets we had. It was one thing after another. And the star of the back set was that we didn’t get a licence to open an art gallery. As written in a previous post. What exactly happened is not important but believe us it was a huge list of unbearable happenings. Mick is normally very stable, he can take a challenge, that is what you learn when you move from city to city the last 10 years. But this time he cracked, he couldn’t see clearly anymore, didn’t sleep properly, was very irritated about practically everything, hated everybody, everything and drank too much to forget it all. Thank god we are a strong couple who can support in times of need.

 What we want to say, don’t be ashamed when shit hits the fan, be open about it, talk about that you don’t feel good or strong or whatever. Don’t hide your feelings behind happy Facebook posts and fake happy smiles on Instagram. Talk to each other. Listen to each other. Post your unhappy moments too, as we do now, be human.

 Mick is going to take a full month off to reflect, meditate and practice yoga.

And Wout is doing the same so we can be strong, happy and creative before we continue.

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