I have too many ideas, and that is not a good thing

It sounds like a strange thing to say as a creative, but it is true, I have too many ideas. I was standing in my studio just now, and I couldn't decide if I wanted to finish a painting I started, draw an image I dreamed of, complete the sculpture I was making or finish my 67 moves in black-and-white photography with coloured ink. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I want to finish about nine art projects in the next three months.

The term writers or creative block is alien to me. I can not understand that you have no ideas in a world with numerous materials, tools, and life experiences, good and bad. Even the fucking internet can get my creative juices flowing like a puma about to hunt her prey.

The flip side of this is that I get overwhelmed by it all, I feel like life is too short of completing it all, and I have to choose and focus on one art piece. But the trouble is, I tried, and I can't. Choosing between my projects feels like Sophie's Choice. And I refuse to choose between my 'children"

As I said: I was standing in my studio just now... and here I am writing a blog post.