Where do I start writing about Lola Dupre. I am her biggest fan and have so much adoration for her. She has an impeccable way of working that I am jealous of. She creates a whole new world, a world I want to live in.

She, just like me, loves to move. She currently lives and works near Galway, Ireland. But in the past few years she has been living in Switzerland, Scotland, France, Portugal and Spain.

I think travelling and seeing cultures change around you is a great background for making collage.

She works with 80gr paper and only with scissors. For glue she uses PVA glue and everything is mounted on wooden panels.

My advice to a collage beginner would be work, work, work. Get together a body of material so you can nurse and develop your directions and skill.

Go and admire her work at her site and follow her on Facebook, Ello and Behance.

lola dupre