This week I am going to write a daily post about a collage artist! I love collages because the artist uses work from other artists to make a whole new vision.

The last collage artist of this week is Illinois (USA) based Eli Craven. I chose him because he is using the art of collage different than other artists. He doesn’t restrict himself to paper, scissors and glue but also uses materials like carpet, ceiling tiles and other things found at the hardware store.

My process begins with looking. First in thrift stores, ebay, or flea markets for sources, then I continue in my studio and search through books, found images, negatives, and materials for something that catches my eye.

My most recent discovery is shopping at the hardware store. I have started using patterned contact papers that I have been using to add print to the backside of an image so when displayed both sides are activated when rolled or draped and I have been using a lot of reflective mirror like materials to obscure and reflect parts of the images.

I just adore his work, his vision and his use of materials. Here is a nice interview with him on The Weird Show a great website dedicated to the art of collage and collage artists. He is learning us that in collage, the sky is the limit!

His site