It has been a month since our last blogpost and what a month it was! We are so happy that visitors are getting us and they are so enthusiastic about our concept. It gives us energy, so thank you for that. We also changed the name from “Gallery Kunst” to “Studio Mick + Wout”. Since the name change everything is much clearer for people. Now they have the feeling that they are visiting a personal art studio and not a “cold” gallery. 

We also shipped all over the world last month, like to Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland etc. The idea that our work is now all over the world is very thrilling.

The only thing we are still struggling with right now are the opening times. Now we are open from 11 to 14 and from 17 to 20. The thing is that all sales happen in the daytime. We only sold one piece in the evening. We have bene told that the evening would be better because people had a cocktail and are looser to buy. My theory is that if you had a cocktail or two, you buy a silly bracelet or get a fake tattoo, but you don’t spend it on a €300 art piece. And we don’t want our customers to buy art as an impulse, we want them to love it and really want it. 

Anyway we are thinking about that and let’s see what time brings. 

So this is the small update from Studio Mick+Wout, let’s make some more art!