After weeks, well almost months, of discussing we made a big decision: We are relocating the Gallery to a big city. We can give a huge list of reasons, but the main reason is that Sitges is too small for us on so many levels. It just isn't holding our audience. Sitges is a lovely place to live but not for running a contemporary art gallery.

We decided on Valéncia because it does feel like home to us and the contemporary art scene in Valéncia is booming. Well, that said, we are relocation privately first. We have our eye on a gorgeous beach house. Then we will search for a new, bigger, even better, exhibition space. An experimental playground for us and also other artists. So we can make art without concessions, something which we were doing in the current situation.

We are extremely excited about this but at the same time sad that Sitges was not what we hoped for. She will be in our hearts forever and we are going to miss this community. But we think our career as artists is more important.