This was the last blog post of our old blog written in November 2015. Now after 4 months of hard work this is the first blogpost of our new blog, web shop and gallery. 

November 9 2015: It has been a while since our last blogpost and this is the reason. After weeks  of serious deliberating about our future, with loads of wine, smashing heads on to the table and pulling out hair, we made a very important decision. We will be opening an art gallery, in Sitges, Barcelona!

It’s going to be our office, studio and art gallery. We always wanted to open a place to showcase our, and other artists’ work. The internet alone is not sufficient to transcend the emotion about a piece. Looking online is completely different experience than looking at a piece in real life. So by opening a gallery we can allow people to engage with the work, rather than quickly skim over everything.


The gallery is going to have an themed exhibit every six weeks. About half of the work is going to be ours, the other half from other artists we really like to display. We are looking for a suitable place as we speak and that’s going to be the hard part. We need at least 100m2 to realise this dream we have. Hopefully spring 2016 we’re opening doors but that depends on the space we find and how much work is involved get it ready.

This is a project we talked about for over ten years. Now, more than ever, is the time right to finally realise it.