We were asked by, a Belgian printing company, to design a temporary office space, lounge, lunch area, kitchen and sanitary unit inside a large warehouse. As an additional challenge, it should be possible to disassemble the whole construction in case the company moves to another location.


Being a Lego child, this project had my name written all over it. So I pushed myself to create a modular 3D puzzle in wood. That way, everything could be reassembled into something completely new.


Update February 2018

Currently, we’re in the first production phase where one office will be built and finished completely. Then production of the second office will be initialised and then finally the social spaces.


Update April 2018

The skeleton of the first office has been completed. This was the most complex part of the whole construction. Next up are the inside panels and walls.


Update July 2018

Currently the first office is close to finished. Soon, this first part of this project will be used as an office for eight people.


Eventually, when the project has been completed, the whole puzzle will be released under an open source license, so everybody can enjoy the work we put into it.

At the base of this puzzle lies the OpenStructures framework, an open-source construction model based on one shared geometrical grid.


Update October 2018

Although, the project has not yet been finished, we have already been awarded with the FSC Project Award 2018!

FSCaward-6 (1).jpg

To be continued...